Introducing you to Maria!

Do you remember we told you we were creating an animation series for the project!

The communications team, led by IFIC, have developed a compelling series of animated videos to successfully help in the dissemination of the PROCare4Life project. The objective of the animations is to outline the PROCare4Life project in a comprehensible means and to engage with the project stakeholders. The team works closely with the other project partners to establish the aims of the animation series, taking into account all the feedback to form a creative brief and expectations of the videos.

The PROCare4Life animation has created a persona who will journey with us throughout the entire project and of whom we can create different episodes of their life, where our PROCare solution makes a positive impact on their life. A series will be created where our protagonist and their informal caregivers start using the PROCare app as advised by professionals and the PROCare system is recommended to their group of friends of the same age who have other conditions, recognizing the benefits of PROCare4Life.

The series will follow our main character Maria a 67-year-old retiree who lives alone. She lives alone, is very independent and connected to her family and recently has presented with symptoms of mild cognitive difficulties. Viewers will also be introduced to her daughter Francesca who wants her mother to stay at home for as long as possible but is concerned about her wellbeing and suggests they talk to her GP, to see if there is any assistance they could get for her. Maria’s doctor suggests using a new solution – the PROCare4Life solution.

Watch the animation and meet Maria and her family!