PROCare4Life holds successful review with the European Commission

As we enter our final months, the PROCare4Life consortium had an incredibly positive and constructive meeting with reviewers from the European Commission to report on our outcomes and discuss how we will bring our project to a strong conclusion.

As a Horizon 2020-funded project, PROCare4Life is a part of the EU’s strategy to deliver better integrated care in Europe, with stronger systems and technology backed by robust research and a more competitive market. Therefore, it is crucial that we maintain a dialogue with the commission as we carry out our work and show how we are helping the EU to reach these shared goals.

On March 8, our team held a day long, virtual meeting, and presented updates on each part of our project, which were positively received by the reviewers. Our policy has always been to be honest and candid about our challenges, and to proudly highlight our results, and this meeting was no different. Like all projects in recent years, the pandemic affected PROCare4Life in profound ways, but we are confident in how we handled this challenge and rose to the occasion by being agile and adapting to the situation. We also reflected on the amount of people that have already been impacted by our solution during the trial phase, and the body of research and lessons that we are able to share with the wider integrated care community.

While our project is ending this summer, there is still plenty of work to do and this meeting helped us to focus on the tasks ahead and discuss how this fits into the goals of the Horizon 2020 programme. In the coming weeks and months, we will be finalising our research, sharing our outcomes, and taking steps to maximise our impact on knowledge, the market, and policy.

We are excited about where our work will take us next, and urge everyone to stay tuned to as we bring the project to an end.