Integrated Care 
 Promoting Quality of 
 Life for Older People


PROCare4Life is an EU funded project proposing an integrated, scalable and interactive care ecosystem, easily adapted to several chronic diseases, care institutions and end-user needs. This would benefit individuals, families and health professionals.

The main objectives are:



Enable communication between all stakeholders, improve time management for social and health professionals and help to achieve an efficient, flexible and adaptable solution.


Facilitate and improve care management for older adults living with neurodegenerative and other chronic conditions.


An interactive, personalised model, developed to meet users' needs, to adopt healthy habits, maintain a daily routine and follow advice from care teams.


Multi-disciplinary communication

Enabling communication across sectors and disciplines to improve time and cost-efficiency, and communication with and across users to strengthen support.

Introducing Maria, a persona who will travel with us throughout the life of the PROCare4Life project.

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