Follow Maria’s animated journey from diagnosis of a neurodegenerative condition through to her quality of life being improved by the PROCare4Life solution in the videos below.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 of Maria’s journey the neurologist Dr. Sarah explains the PROCare4Life solution, how it will fit into Maria’s life at home, with her family, interact with health and social care professionals and promote her quality of life.

The PROCare4Life Solution

To see an overview of the technological solution created as part of the PROCare4Life project, watch the short video below.

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Milan Pilot

This video presents an overview of the Milan pilot of PROCare4Life, including an interview with the end users.

(Italian, with English subtitles)

Milan Conference

To catch up on PROCare4Life’s event ‘Digital Integrated Care in Neurological Diseases: A Discussion Between the PROCare4Life Consortium and the Italian Practice’ watch the video below

Final Conference

To catch up on PROCare4Life’s final event, held at the International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC23) in Antwerp, Belgium, watch the video below:

Horizon Results Booster Webinar

As part of the Horizon Results Booster programme, we worked with colleagues in fellow EU-funded projects ValueCare, ADLIFE, and eSmart to share knowledge and identifies synergies. In June 2023, on the final day of the PROCare4Life project, we held a joint webinar to share our lessons learned, which you can view here.

You can download the agenda here: