World Alzheimer’s Day 2022

Every year since 1994, the week of September 21st has been used to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia affects around 35 million people worldwide, two-thirds of them in developing countries. By 2050, the number is expected to rise to 115 million.

Here you see what our ProCare4Life partners have done in their home countries across Europe.

Germany (WBW)

This year, the theme for World Alzheimer’s Day in Germany (WAT) and Dementia Week 2022, which ran from Septepmber 19th to 25th, was “Dementia – Staying Connected.” Information about the disease and the consequences for sufferers and family members was provided throughout Germany during this period.

Here are just a few of the activities that took place:

• Saturday 17th – Kick-off event for the Dementia Week in the state capital, Dresden. This included a lecture on “Dementia and Loneliness in Old Age” by Prof. Dr. Dr. Markus. The event was followed by a concert of music by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Frederick Loew and others.
• Wednesday 21st – World Alzheimer’s Day event on dementia and its consequences, held in Frankfurt/Main.
• Thursday 22nd – World Alzheimer’s Day event with a lecture for all interested parties in Munich. This lecture intended to show relatives and interested parties what types of dementia there are and where to find financial and concrete help in Munich.

Regionally, in Baden-Württemberg (one of the 16 states in Germany where WBW is based) there were two seminars to mark World Alzheimer’s Day:
• September 23rd – A lecture in Freiburg on the topic of “Well connected and socially connected despite dementia” by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kricheldorff.
• Sunday 25th – World Alzheimer’s Day event in Walzbachtal with an exhibition in the town hall titled “The glow in the eyes”.

Spain (APM)

Throughout the week of September 21st, APM used social media to spread information about Spanish Alzheimer’s disease resources. These include:

As well as other entities on an international level:

Italy (CCPP)
CCPP used its official website and its social networks to share extensive information on World Alzheimer’s Day, raising awareness and challenging the stigma that persists around Alzheimer’s disease and other type of dementia.

Portugal (CNS)
CNS has created a video on the topic of Alzheimer’s. The video “Alzheimer’s Disease: I am forgetful. Should I be worried?” can be viewed here.

Romania (UHB and UMF)
UHB used its website and social media channels to share messages marking World Alzheimer’s Day and for raising awareness of this degenerative disease.

We hope that everyone had an informative World Alzheimer’s Day, and encourage everyone to explore our partner’s resources and learn more about the disease.