The PROCare4Life project is creating an interactive, flexible and personal, digital care ecosystem

The PROCare4Life project is creating an interactive care ecosystem, integrated, flexible and personalisable, supported by a modular technological solution.

The design of the PROCare4Life architecture was based on the expertise of the technical partners (sensors, IoT, AI, machine learning, security and privacy), clinical partners (identifying and selecting a set of relevant events/symptomatology for which PROCare4Life can provide solutions), but also the users’ perspective (adapting the solution to the real needs and expectations of users).

The PROCare4Life architecture is a microservices-based, establish the communication between backend and the frontend and another way around, the main pieces are:

– The low-level sensorial ecosystem, which is responsible for acquiring data from different sensors (wristband, mobile phone, binary sensors and cameras) and also for an initial summarization of the detected events;
– The high-level, which will process the summarized information through artificial intelligence algorithms extracting relevant information about the patient’s condition, promoting fluid and effective communication with caregivers and health professionals, who will be able to adjust the proposals of treatment/improvement of the patient’s health condition according to the real needs. The system will generate personalised recommendations according to the user’s profile, promoting the adoption of healthy habits and the maintenance of daily routines.
– The PROCare4Life interfaces, which are the mobile interface (to be used by patients), cognitive gaming interface (used by patients) and web interface (to be used by health and care professionals)

The architecture is mainly cloud-based to ensure availability, scalability, computing capacity and storage, personalization and security. The PROCare4Life project is very excited to continue this great work to Improve the Quality of life for Older People.