PROCare4Life solution helps users to communicate with relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals

SIMAVI team has recently finalised a report that demonstrates how users can work with the PROCare4Life platform in order to communicate with each other- patients, relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals.

The solution has incorporated a set of services that will enhance the user experience of the app. As patients need to stay in touch with their health care professionals, PROCare4Life aims to offer support in this direction and implement a series of Social and Communication Services, which have the role of making sure that the system communicates all the analyzed and generated information to its end-users, in all the platforms covered by the project: mobile phones, PC’s and tablets.

Thus, the PROCare4Life ecosystem will communicate using two main channels. One will consist of the communication between the system and the users – this will be covered by the in-app notifications. The other will be used for the communication between users – this will be done by a text-based chat between patients and health care professionals. The in-app notifications will notify the users with any new information resulted from the analysis of the collected patient data. They will generate notifications with different recommendations that the patient should follow or any new reports based on the data gathered throughout the day. The chat will be used by the patients, or their caregivers, whenever they may need to talk to their health care professional. This way it would also be easier for health care professionals to inform their patients about any new progress or any other kind of news, as all the data is accessed in one place, both clinical and clerical data being in the same platform as the chat module.

These Social and Communication services are enhancing key attributes of the PROCare4Life integrated care platform in order to achieve the project’s objective of providing personalized assistance to patients affected by neurodegenerative and other chronic diseases. Thus, better communication will ensure that the flow through the PROCare4Life’s care pathway is as smooth as possible, offering all the parties involved an overall better experience with the project’s ecosystem.

This blog was written by project partner Iulia Stefan and team at SIMAVI, on the deliverable D5.2 PROCare4Life solution helps users to communicate with relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals. SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION (SIMAVI) is an IT company established in 2019, following the division process of SIVECO Romania SA.