24 months have passed since PROCare4Life started!

And suddenly 24 months have passed since PROCare4Life started. We are happy with what we have achieved. The project progressed positively, albeit more slowly than planned, given the added challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic that has accompanied the project almost from the beginning. Still, the PROCare4Life consortium has maintained a resilient and positive attitude and is committed to continuing on the path to the project’s success.

At the end of September, the second review meeting took place remotely, attended by the whole consortium, the Project Officer and the reviewers. It was an excellent opportunity to present the project’s developments and carry out a demonstration of the PROCare4Life prototype in operation. The reviewers’ feedback was positive and their recommendations are very important for the consortium to validate and optimise action plans for the success of the project.

The consortium has already tested the first functional PROCare4Life prototype with real users in clinical settings, at home, in rehabilitation facilities and in day-care centres. The results of these tests allowed us to optimize the prototype and to evolve to a version that is closer and closer to the final prototype. We will soon share the results of Pilot 2.

We created the animation Maria who we will follow as she and her informal caregivers begins to use the PROCare4Life app as advised by health and care professionals. The PROCare4Life system is recommended to Maria’s group of friends of the same age who have other neurological and chronic diseases.

Maria is a 67-year-old retired teacher who lives alone, is very independent and connected to her family.

Watch the animation and meet Maria and her family!