The 2020 Round-up – hear all about our achievements as PROCare4Life turns 1!

18 December 2020

The consortium are so proud of all the project’s achievements so far this year. We sent out the first newsletter in early December 2020 to celebrate the end of the year and the success of the project in its first year. Over 2000 people throughout Europe are now up to date with PROCare4Life’s activities. We…

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PROcare4Life Consortium Kick-off meeting pre COvid19

PROCare4Life Integrated Care and Covid19 – the role of technology to bring us together

30 November 2020

The above photo was taken at the kick-off meeting in January where the consortium partners greeted each other with the pre-COVID 19 normality of handshakes and hugs. As the PROCare4Life project nears its one year anniversary Fiona Lyne the Director of Communication at The International Foundation for Integrated Care asks if we can go back…

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PROCare4Life animation series in the making!

13 November 2020

The PROCare4Life communications team, led by IFIC, are getting creative and productive by developing a compelling series of animated videos to successfully help in the dissemination of the PROCare4Life project. The objective of the videos is to outline the PROCare4Life project in a comprehensible means and to engage with the project stakeholders. The team will…

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Carrying out qualitative research under lockdown: PROCare4Life telematics Interviews and Workshops

29 July 2020

In a previous post we talked about the online surveys that PROCare4Life Consortium launched to gather quantifiable data from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia patients and caregivers regarding their health, quality of life and use of ICT systems. This time we will address PROCare4Life’s qualitative research through telematics interviews and workshops. A transversal qualitative research for rich…

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New online surveys launched

27 May 2020

Two online surveys aimed at gathering quantifiable data from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients launched The Association Parkinson Madrid and the PROCare4Life Consortium have created 2 new online surveys. These are aimed at gathering quantifiable data from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and their formal or informal caregivers, regarding the dynamic interplay between their daily…

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PROCare4Life project is live!

13 March 2020

We are delighted to announce that the PROCare4Life project is live! This exciting new project is funded by the European Commission through the “Horizon 2020” research and innovation programme within ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). PROCare4Life proposes an integrated scalable and interactive care ecosystem for neurodegenerative diseases which will also be adaptable to other chronic…

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