PROCare4Life solution helps users to communicate with relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals

12 August 2021

SIMAVI team has recently finalised a report that demonstrates how users can work with the PROCare4Life platform in order to communicate with each other- patients, relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals. The solution has incorporated a set of services that will enhance the user experience of the app. As patients need to stay in…

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ASSIST: The 1st International Workshop on AI and Sensor-Supported Integrated care Solutions

10 June 2021

ASSIST: 1st International Workshop on AI and Sensor-Supported Integrated care Solutions will be held June 29-July 2nd! Advances in Artificial Intelligence and sensing technologies have made it possible to build intelligent solutions aimed at improving our daily life, at providing personalized recommendations in terms of physical and cognitive exercises, nutrition, and general activities promoting health…

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The Care Ecosystem for Neurodegenerative Diseases Hidden in a Smart Bracelet

03 June 2021

James who is 72 years of age, is living with Parkinson’s disease and other co morbidities, including hypertension, sleep disorders and inflammatory arthritis. His wife, Elena, who is 70 years of age is his primary caregiver, facing several difficulties as she has mild cognitive impairment and deals with a lot of stress, since her husband’s…

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International Leadership In The Design Of Personalised Integrated Care Pathways For Older Adults

30 April 2021

The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) has led the redesign of a multi-layer care pathway for older adults in Europe in the framework of the PROCare4Life project. Specific to this project, “the purpose of the care pathway planning is to produce a written document that records needs, identifies actions to be taken, and resources…

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Cultural and Societal Implications in the Care Environment

19 April 2021

The PROCare4Life project recently completed a deliverable, which covered the identification of cultural and societal implications in the care environment. Health is determined by many factors, including but not limited to genetics, personal behaviors, access to quality health care, economic stability, education and one’s external environment. The influence of social and cultural variables on health…

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PROCare4Life Sensorial Ecosystem

26 March 2021

PROCare4Life offers a personalized, integrated care platform for people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Using sensory monitoring, PROCare4Life learns of users’ behavioral habits and detects disease-specific symptoms, e.g., freezing, festination, loss of balance, wandering, confusion, and falls. An essential component of PROCare4Life is the sensorial ecosystem, which provides the necessary tools…

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The PROCare4Life project is creating an interactive, flexible and personal, digital care ecosystem

26 February 2021

The PROCare4Life project is creating an interactive care ecosystem, integrated, flexible and personalisable, supported by a modular technological solution. The design of the PROCare4Life architecture was based on the expertise of the technical partners (sensors, IoT, AI, machine learning, security and privacy), clinical partners (identifying and selecting a set of relevant events/symptomatology for which PROCare4Life…

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Older people, caregivers, health and care professionals and different European stakeholders come together for co-design

05 February 2021

If you followed our posts New online surveys launched and Carrying out qualitative research under lockdown: PROCare4Life telematics Interviews and Workshops you will know that during the months of May to August 2020 the PROCare4Life project team brought older people, caregivers, health and care professionals and different European stakeholders together to identify different needs and…

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The 2020 Round-up – hear all about our achievements as PROCare4Life turns 1!

18 December 2020

The consortium are so proud of all the project’s achievements so far this year. We sent out the first newsletter in early December 2020 to celebrate the end of the year and the success of the project in its first year. Over 2000 people throughout Europe are now up to date with PROCare4Life’s activities. We…

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PROcare4Life Consortium Kick-off meeting pre COvid19

PROCare4Life Integrated Care and Covid19 – the role of technology to bring us together

30 November 2020

The above photo was taken at the kick-off meeting in January where the consortium partners greeted each other with the pre-COVID 19 normality of handshakes and hugs. As the PROCare4Life project nears its one year anniversary Fiona Lyne the Director of Communication at The International Foundation for Integrated Care asks if we can go back…

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